Our church believes that music is a tool - one for good, or one for bad. We strive daily to inundate our children and families with Christ-like options in their music. This is why this Violin Academy is so important. Not only does it give the children an outlet for creativity, but it equips them with a skill that is a lost art in our world and environment today. Taught by a college trained professional, there are options for babies all the way to adults. Weekly private lessons and group lessons are given at a very affordable rate, and twice a year a wonderful concert is provided by all the students. But each summer it climaxes to include a Spectacular Sounds week-long school. Used as a condensed version of yearly lessons, this week focuses on a theme, teaches songs to brand new learners and more matured violinists. Teachers are brought in and it ends with a beautiful and free concert where parents are invited to come and enjoy their child's successes! For more information, please contact Lisa Coleman @ 734.627.7826